Friday, May 01, 2009

Sis' Engagement Pics

Without very good scenery or lighting but I managed to take a few decent shots... What do you guys think? I wish I researched more ideas on poses before I went out there and took pics. We took these shots in like 20 minutes! ha!

This weekend we were suppose to go to Acapulco, Mexico for my sis' bachelorette trip, but due to the pandemic swine flu aka whine flu, we had to cancel our trip. Very disappointed but its definitely better to be safe than sorry. So as Plan B I planned a spa day at Fiori Day Spa. This will be my first time at a day spa in Houston. I will come back with my reviews on my next blog.

2 cool peeps left comments: Maegan said...

oh they're so beautiful! I love the first one.. ..such love.

anhesty said...

thanks maegan!

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